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Introduction of all the instructors


Kunio Kobayashi         Cheng Cheng-Kung  Hu Leguo       Ng Shing-Fat
Lo Min-Hsuan(Taiwan, China)  Lindsay Bebb      David J.DeGroot     Budi Sulistyo  
Liu Chuangang          Zhao Qingquan      Hu Yunhua        Chiara Padrini       
Gong Linmin

 Bonsai Demonstration


Kunio Kobayashi
Kunio Kobayashi (Japan)International bonsai instructor It has been thirty-five years since Kobayashi entered into the field of bonsai., Kobayashi created “Keiga-tei”, “Mukyu-an”, and then the Bonsai Museum. He has won the Kokufu-sho Prize 13 times; the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize for many times; He has done demonstration in many international conventions and has published a number of bonsai monographs. He also appeared on Tokyo MX television in the Bonsai program for a long time.

Cheng Cheng-Kung
Cheng Cheng-Kung(Taiwan, China)International bonsai instructor It has been thirty years since he entered into the field of bonsai. For a breakthrough on the limitation of using mechanicals to make shape, he used a unique technique called silk sculpting which sculpts to reel off silk by hand. After organizing all the branches, juniper bonsai not only gives a look of natural beauty, but also a delicate texture of silk.

Hu Leguo
Hu Leguo (China)International bonsai instructor he has engaged in bonsai art for 50 years and often participates in domestic and international exhibition of bonsai, bonsai teaching, demonstrating bonsai-making and exhibits review. Mr. Hu excels at pinetree bonsai modeling, especially the techniques of high trunk and weeping technique that can express national humanity culture most. His bonsai works has won numerous major awards. He has published a number of bonsai monographs.

Ng Shing-Fat
Ng Shing-Fat(Hongkong, China)International bonsai instructor He has been fond of poetry, painting and calligraphy since childhood and engaged in bonsai art more than 20 years .He pursues fresh and natural art with unity of form and spirit full of poetic modeling and is good at improvement and creation of bonsai. His bonsai works has won numerous major awards. Mr Ng has taken part in national and International shows to give bonsai demonstration performance.with publishing the picture album "MY BONSAI" and VCD about bonsai.

Lo Min-Hsuan
Lo Min-Hsuan(Taiwan, China)International bonsai instructor. He studied bonsai art when he was young from his father, and has won numerous awards since 1980. He once worked as the judge for hundreds of bonsai exhibitions and taught bonsai for many years in Taiwan. Mr.Lo has travelled to many countries to give bonsai demonstration performances and lectures, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Philippines Malaysia, Mexico, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Australia, Italy, Argentina, Australia, India, Vietnam and mainland China. His book THE WAY of BONSAI is published.

Lindsay Bebb
Lindsay Bebb (Australia)International bonsai instructor. It has been thirty years since he entered the field of bonsai. He often participates in international exhibition of bonsai, demonstrating bonsai-making and exhibits review. He attended the World Bonsai Convention in Washington DC(2005), the BCI International Convention in Chencun China(2007), conventions in Australia and New Zealand, the ASPAC convention in Singapore, and conventions in Taiwan and Puerto Rico (2009)as an international demonstrator, workshop tutor, lecturer and judge.

David J.DeGroot
David J.DeGroot (America) The United States bonsai artist, the curator of Weyerhaeuser’s Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection. He has been studying and researching the bonsai art for 40 years. He has traveled across the United States, and Brazil, Canada, China, Britain, South Africa and Venezuela and other countries to give bonsai demonstration performance and lectures. His new book BONSAI DESIGN will appear in 2012.

Budi Sulistyo
Budi Sulistyo (Indonesia)International Bonsai instructor, one of the founders of the Indonesian bonsai development .He started the bonsai creation since 1976, and then from 1982 he began bonsai teaching. In 1988 he won the award given by the Japanese Bonsai Association and ranked the second place in the 2006 World Bonsai Contest .He has published two bonsai monographs. He has been the main lecturer of the demonstration and judge of the bonsai exhibition in many international bonsai conventions.

Liu Chuangang
Liu Chuangang (China)International bonsai instructor. He has devoted to the production and research of bonsai art for 30 years and has created Landscape Penjing, Tree Penjing, Tree-and-Rock Penjing, and a series of Ponamella Pra-iliagagnep Penjing, Dynamic Penjing, and Rainforest Penjing etc. His Works have won several important awards during the bonsai exhibitions. He has visited Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, the United States, Puerto Rico, Holland, Spain, Italy and other countries, as a lecturer or giving demonstration of bonsai.

Zhao Qingquan
Zhao Qingquan(China)International bonsai instructor He has devoted to Bonsai for about forty years. His creation combines Chinese traditional culture with modern aesthetics .He has participated in the international bonsai conventions for many times. He has made more than 100 Chinese Penjing demonstrations in a dozen of countries .He has published more than 10 bonsai monographs , the new monograph Chinese Penjing ( Penjing: The Chinese Art of Bonsai ) written in English will be published in 2012.


Theme Speech


Hu Yunhua
Hu Yunhua (China), Chinese Bonsai instructor, president of WBFF. He has been engaged in the garden work and the study of bonsai art for a long time At home and abroad, he has published many bonsai monographs. He has been to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries more than 10 times to attend the International bonsai conventions, giving speech on Chinese Bonsai, doing demonstrations, as bonsai exhibition judge as well.

Chiara Padrini
Chiara Padrini(Italy),director of European Bonsai Association Board Committee, BCI ambassador, President of the National College of Bonsai and Suiseki Instructor. She founded Italy Bonsai and Stone Appreciation Association. She has won many international awards including the BCI 2008 excellence award and the 2009 Gold Medal of the World Bonsai Congress. Articles on bonsai and suiseki have been published on those national magazines of French, America, UK, Spain, Swiss and China. Her Bonsai and Stone Exhibition has also been successfully held in America, Europe, Japan, China and other countries and some of the stones have been selected as the finest works of art in international bonsai and stone appreciation collection.


Pot-making Demonstration


Gong Linmin(China)
He is a senior in arts and crafts and also an outstanding Zisha ceramic artist. He is good at making Zisha pot. Mr. Gong has his unique style, which was inspired from the combination of western art and Chinese traditional art. His works have won the Best of the Best in China’s Arts and Crafts Exhibition for many times, and most of his works are collected by museum and people in the bonsai field from home and abroad .he performed the Zisha pot creation demonstration at the 2011 Japan Takamatsu Asia-Pacific Bonsai Convention.